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Why Choose Nashville Bike CAB?

At Nashville Bike CAB, we believe in the power of direct interaction and the ability of pedicabs to create memorable brand experiences. Our pedicabs, in addition to being a fun mode of transportation, also serve as moving billboards that captivate attention and spark conversations. We are the largest fleet of pedicabs in the area, with 18 cabs operating 7 days a week, ensuring extensive exposure to the downtown tourist area.

BikeCABs unique ability to saturate many markets makes us the leader in outdoor advertising. Leaving a lasting impression with patrons as they attend events or visiting downtown, pedicab branding isn’t simply advertising space. 

After custom painting and stacked vinyl media, they assume the personality in the product.
Display your persuasive message or announcement on the body of the pedicab. 
Think of pedicabs as a big slice of pie!  You get more than just advertising when you brand 5 or more pedicabs.  The market research is clear because the pedicabs work specific events. The community awareness happens every time a person chooses to ride the pedicab. 

Key Highlights:

  • Exposure to 50,000 to 200,000+ individuals daily, depending on the season and events.
  • Operating in downtown Nashville’s most concentrated areas, including Broadway, Midtown, the Gulch, Germantown, Nissan Stadium, and the new Geodis Park.
  • A team of fun and exciting drivers providing a unique and memorable experience for tourists.
  • Extensive experience with successful campaigns in Houston and Dallas, TX, Indianapolis, IN, Phoenix AZ, and Bentonville, AK
Nashville Bikecab Advertising

Customize Your Bikecab

Color Vinyl Wrap

Tightly Fitted vinyl wrapping, matched to your specific color, then we apply vinyl lettering on top of the wrapping.ap

Panel Ads

Layered or Printed; weather-proof vinyl panels with an adhesive that we apply to the sides of the pedicabs.  These panels can be replaced very quickly if your message changes frequently. Back and Side Panels.


Super Bowl Houston 2004, Anheuser-Busch painted the pedicabs red and put reflective lettering “BUDWEISER” on the back panels of the pedicabs.  They designed different ads for Bud Light and used vinyl signs.

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