A Note From The GM-

This time being at home has really allowed me to sit and get organized with so many things. It allowed me to sit, reflect, and learn. I’m sure that’s been the case with a lot of us.

Maybe this time has been a good reflection…to take a step back and reflect on your day to day and how it’s spent. Maybe you realized how much you hate your day job? or… how much you love it! Maybe you decided to concentrate on that business idea you’ve always wanted… or make that record that you’ve had half-written song ideas about for years..Maybe you decided to go back to school…Regardless of what this time has brought to you, we all have an opportunity to plan and start a new direction for the betterment of ourselves or to appreciate the one we have in place.

I started pedicabbing years ago for that reason. I wanted freedom of my own schedule, to be outside, to ride a damn bike, and to meet new people. I wanted to allow work to work FOR ME, and not be a slave to a schedule that was hurting my body, mind, and spirit. I’ve met some of the best people on this journey through … a tricycle.

If you’re interested in a new venture that will allow you to create your own schedule, get you outside, and network with new people…give you a foundation to launch a new endeavor, business, or just a time for you to figure yourself out a little and give you the flexibility to transition into that..I’d suggest looking into this opportunity and getting the process going NOW if you have any interest at all for when tourism starts rolling again this year.

I don’t know about you, but by the time this is all over I will want to be out a lot more than I am now, and I think other people will too.


November Pedicab Houston

Getting ready to open up Nashville the GM featured in this photo in Houston

General Manager
Nashville BikeCab


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